Featured speakers

We’ve gathered the best and brightest minds in L&D to share their experiences, expertise, and ideas with you. With such a diverse mix of customers, partners, industry thought leaders, and Docebo experts, you’re sure to get the critical insights, answers, and inspiration you need elevate learning in your organization.

Melissa Arnot

World-Record Holding Adventurer and Eddie Bauer Global Ambassador

Melissa Arnot is the first American woman to successfully summit and descend Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and has climbed the world’s highest peak six times. How did she overcome these incredible challenges? “The mountain doesn’t discriminate,” says Melissa. “The mountain doesn’t care if you’re male or female. It’s going to give you the same challenges every day.”  You don’t have to climb a mountain to achieve your dream—but you might want to after experiencing Melissa’s keynote.

Jaime Casap

Former Chief Education Evangelist at Google, YouTube Star, Published Author

Jaime Casap is the former Chief Education Officer at Google. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of technology and the web as enabling and supporting tools in pursuit of promoting inquiry-driven learning models. Jaime collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation and iteration into our education policies and practices. He speaks on education, technology, innovation, and generation Z, at events around the world.

Vidhi Abbi| Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Vidh has worked in Learning and Development for close to a decade and has found her passion in helping clients achieve the extraordinary with Docebo. She believes in taking creative approaches to everyday challenges and finding out of the box solutions for what feels unsolvable. Outside of her love for technology, Vidhi is dedicated to social activism and enjoys discussing learning strategies as related to DE&I topics.

Adriano Acquaviva | Docebo

Solution Deployment Manager

Adriano Acquaviva is a Solution Deployment Manager at Docebo, based in Biassono, Italy. Adriano helps new customers configure their platform during the onboarding process, studying their unique use case to provide the strategies and best practices they need to meet their goals. Since joining Docebo in 2019, he has helped more than 80 customers in multinational companies successfully launch their platforms. In his free time, Adriano enjoys video games and science fiction—and knows how to bake a delicious panettone.

Jeff Adams | UsableNet

Accessibility Operations Director

As the Director of Accessibility Operations, Jeff works with UsableNet clients to ensure success in their digital accessibility efforts. He is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). Jeff has worked at UsableNet for over a decade and has advised hundreds of clients on best practices in website accessibility while also optimizing for their specific needs. He also produces training content for UsableNet, and led the implementation of Docebo at UsableNet as the platform used to provide accessibility training to its clients.

Sam Amin | Docebo

Senior Product Marketing Manager – Learn LMS

Sam is the Senior Product Marketing Manager responsible for the positioning and messaging of Docebo Learn. Prior to joining the Learning & Development world, Sam spent 8 years marketing software and services with experience in the real estate, financial and healthcare sectors. Her drive for product marketing is born out of a curiosity of the customer’s need and how a product can effectively solve that problem. Sam earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Schulich School of Business.

Srishti Arya | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Srishti is a Customer Solutions Consultant with over 8 years of experience in the Learning & Development space. From content developer to LMS administrator, she has worn different hats in her previous roles. She finds purpose in helping people grow and be successful which made her get into the L&D space in the first place. As a CSC, Srishti brings her passion for learning, past experiences, and creativity to her conversations with Docebo users. Let’s talk best practices!

Chris Atkinson | Docebo

Global Solutions Architect Manager

Chris entered software development when he became curious about the field while reading intellectual property law. That serendipitous introduction happened over a decade ago, and he has continued honing his software skills at SaaS businesses ever since. Chris has mastered hundreds of partner integrations and connectivity requirements, supported by his strong foundation in software architecture and design principles.

Laurent Balagué | Docebo

Analytics – Product Line Manager

Laurent is the Analytics – Product Line Manager at Docebo. He is a thought leader in Learning Analytics and the former CEO and Co-Founder of Formetris. Laurent has helped hundreds of companies improve learning performance, through pragmatic, ambitious, and customized evaluation strategies. A graduate of “l’Ecole Polytechnique” in France, Laurent started his career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, in France and North America. He then joined Faurecia, as a lean manufacturing expert. It was during these first professional experiences that he developed his perspectives on corporate L&D and the necessity of implementing smarter analytics. As a Learning Analytics leader, Laurent regularly facilitates workshops, presentations, and panel discussions across Europe and North America.

Adam Ballhaussen | Docebo

Senior Director of Customer Education & Advocacy

Adam is a seasoned Customer Education and Advocacy leader with a background in marketing strategy and design—and an immense (admittedly geeky) love for technology. He’s passionate about building communities and creating intuitive learning experiences that delight customers. His approach to building CEd & Advocacy programs that get results is to be an empathetic leader, a diligent student, and an inspired visionary—in that order. As an avid lifelong learner, Adam has a knack for making complex concepts easy and fun to learn.

Adam Bartunek | Hemmersbach

Learning & Development Manager

Adam’s biggest interest in the e-learning industry is seeing how he can influence company development by developing people. He introduced Docebo at Hemmersbach over four years ago and has been using Gamification & Rewards to motivate its employees to learn ever since. Currently, as an L&D Manager for three teams consisting of LMS administrators, content creators and language teachers, he makes sure that the activity and training completion among 5,000 employees at Hemmersbach keeps growing.

Erin Brisson| Docebo

Community Manager

I’m a seasoned B2B marketer with over thirteen years of experience in software companies. In 2018, I was introduced to the power of customers when I joined the global customer marketing team and, since then, I have been fascinated at the concept of a customer-powered enterprise. I strive to establish direct connections with customers and I take any opportunity to listen to their stories and support them to ensure their success. By doing this, I am able to inject customer generated content into the value chain to impact each stage of the buyer journey. I’m incredibly passionate about people and I thrive on helping customers succeed to increase customer lifetime value.

James Buhagiar| Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Hey there! I’m James and I’m a Customer Solutions Consultant at Docebo. I’ve been with the company for 3 years. It’s my job to work with the Account Management team to ensure our Enterprise customers get maximum value from our suite of products. During my time at Docebo, I’ve listened to lots of your workflows and take pride in helping you set up platforms to deliver training with maximum impact.

Valentina Bulgheroni | Docebo

Senior Product Designer, Docebo Accessibility Expert

Valentina Bulgheroni is a Product Designer and the Accessibility Product Designer of Docebo. She has almost 20 years of experience in digital product design and she has been with Docebo since 2017. She works as a Product Designer for Docebo Learn LMS and supports the Docebo Design Team in designing accessible user experiences. She is responsible for the Docebo design system accessibility documentation and the accessibility training for the Docebo Product Development Team. She also collaborates with the Technical Writer Team to keep updated the Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT).

Kathryn Cortave | Tripadvisor

Senior Manager of Organizational Development & Leadership

Kat’s career at Tripadvisor started over 10 years ago on the Content Operations team, where she worked as both an individual contributor and a manager. Her first experience managing employees helped her unlock her passion for learning, coaching, and career development. In 2018, Kat moved into a role on the Organizational Development & Leadership team in order to pursue those passions and have a broader impact on the organization. Last year, Kat led her team through the design, implementation, and launch of their Docebo LMS with an innovative platform build that she’s excited to share.

Rene’ D’Alesandro | Fannie Mae

Sr. Manager – Single-Family Marketing & Communications – Instructional Design

Rene’ manages Fannie Mae’s Single-Family B2B and B2C education efforts. Responsible for managing the scope and execution of learning and development initiatives aligned to company goals, supporting instructional design, content & curriculum development, program administration, and staff development for business partners and consumers.

D’Alesandro brings 35+ years of full cycle training, education, and learning management experience, with the last 15 years focused on external customers and more recently, standing up a consumer facing Learning Management System.

Vanessa De Koekkoek | 2020 Spaces

Global Training Manager

Vanessa De Koekkoek is the Global Training Manager at 2020 Technologies, the worldwide leader in visualization, sales, manufacturing, and content solutions for customers creating spaces for life. Designer by degree, teacher by passion, technology geek by choice, Vanessa joined 2020 in 2006 and has led a successful team of training specialists across the globe.

Although Vanessa deems herself a Docebo novice, she has helped 2020 quickly adopt a technology-driven approach to support 2,000+ employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries. If you happen to catch her away from her computer, you’ll find her volunteering with Team Coconutter Strutters, a group that raises money for research toward a world without cancer.

Brian Dominguez | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant,

Hey ya’ll! I’m Brian Dominguez, a Customer Solutions Consultant for the Enterprise team! I focus on ensuring that you’re getting the most out of our products in order to meet your objectives—whatever they may be! Whether it’s learning initiatives, employee retention, ever-boarding, etc., I’m here to help you reach those goals! Some other things you should know about me: I”m passionate about tech, video games, and social issues…and plants 

Marquis Dugger| Docebo

Professional Services Operations Analyst

Marquis is an Operations Analyst at Docebo with a deep love for education and storytelling. He’s most passionate about community building and guiding clients into moments of discovery and delight. His background covers many facets of customer engagement, including consulting, training, advocacy, and—most recently—processes and analytics! When he’s not doing these things, you can find him writing game mechanics, talking to people about how to use games and technology to make a more inclusive world, asking people to roll dice, and learning American Sign Language (ASL) for fun.


Brian Farkas | New York Life

Agency Digital

Brian Farkas joined New York Life in 2018 to aid in developing the new NYLIC University. Since then he has moved over to work on projects to help agents be successful in the current fast-paced, digital-first market. Before New York Life, Brian spent time in a wide range of roles including as a pre-school Montessori teacher, web developer, and a faculty trainer, support lead, and system administrator at Iona University. He uses all these prior experiences to help develop systems to get technology out of the user’s way and accomplish their work. Brian is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Management of Technology from New York University. In his free time, Brian enjoys traveling, kayaking, and learning more about architecture and technology.

Aureliano Gherbini | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Aureliano is Customer Solutions Consultant for EMEA Strategic and Enterprise companies, with a background in Philosophy and a strong interest in how technology can help to create a better world in which we live. He believes that continuously evolving the educational process and finding the most innovative and effective ways to facilitate learning are key in shaping individuals’ ability to meet the demands of ever-changing social and professional environments. He is highly motivated to identify the best ways to match creative solutions to his customers’ needs with a customer-focused mindset and empathetic approach.

Wynnona Haynes-McMahan | Docebo

Director of Talent Development

Wynnona Haynes-McMahan is the Director of Talent Development for Docebo. A self-proclaimed ‘leadership-nerd’, Wynnona has spent the last 15 years in talent development. For the last 4 years she’s focused on creating and leading global development programs. Wynnona is an ICF-accredited leadership coach. She has written for Training Industry magazine, been featured in Medium, and highlighted in the Nagaoka Review, and HCA Magazine. Wynnona lives in the Atlanta-metro area with her husband Brian, daughter Wynter, mom Willi, and dog Sophie. In her spare time, she loves cooking, traveling, and reading mysteries.

Kristy Holmes| Docebo

Product Marketing Manager


Raisa Holmo | Docebo

Product Marketing Manager – Measurement Line 

Raisa is a Product Marketing Manager at Docebo, focusing exclusively on the measurement line products. With over 10 years of experience developing strategic product positioning and integrated go-to-market plans, she has helped organizations thrive and overcome different challenges through the understanding of the market and customer needs. Her passion for hidden gems in data comes from years analyzing the impact of products and services launches, and the roll out of different positioning and strategies. Her ultimate goal is to transform how learning data is used so customers can measure what really matters with ease, and start making an impact on today’s reality and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Gerrod Hudson| Docebo

Senior Solution Deployment Manager

Gerrod is a Senior Solution Deployment Manager at Docebo. As a product expert, currently, he is responsible for facilitating/onboarding global-level clients located in North America on Docebo LMS. With over 18 years of experience in implementation, one of his motivating factors is the “light-bulb moments” that customers tend to experience during implementation.

Trish Huettel | Omnicell Institute

LMS Administrator

Trish Huettel is an award-winning interactive media developer whose career spans education, game design, and app development. Always interested in applying her experience to a new area, Trish is currently LMS Administrator of Omnicell Institute, the primary customer-facing education site for Omnicell Inc., delivering customized experiences to healthcare professionals around the globe.

Alex Kaldani | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Alex is a Customer Solutions Consultant at Docebo with over five years of experience in the elearning industry. As a product expert, Alex works directly with customers to ensure they’re getting the maximum value out of the full Docebo suite.

Hawley Kane | Docebo

Director of Product Marketing 

Hawley is the Director of Product Marketing, responsible for messaging, product launches, roadmap sharing and has a whole lot of love for customer feedback. Prior to joining Docebo, after realizing she may never make the cover of People magazine, Hawley worked in various organization development leadership roles (meaning one of you) and still loves to geek out to learning frameworks, leadership development and talent management. Her passion for learning comes from years working in the talent management software space in product strategy, product management and product marketing. She has spoken at industry conferences, webinars and has been published in industry magazines.

Daniel Klinger| OPKO Health Inc

Head of Enterprise Training and Learning at OPKO Health Inc

Daniel Klinger has been designing digital learning experiences in the healthcare industry for the last ten years and has been active in formal and informal learning roles for 30 years. In his past life, he led a team of instructional designers and developers that ran a learning platform for a large Health System—the largest private employer in New York City. Like many, he sought out a new opportunity during the height of the pandemic. Today, Daniel is the Head of Enterprise Training and Learning at OPKO Health Inc: A diverse healthcare company focused on improving patient lives. In this role, he has helped to organize disparate learning systems under a single unified platform that is supported by Human Resources data. Because of the flexibility and extensibility of Docebo Learn, Daniel was able to conduct his first global learning campaign this year with international partners in Chile, Mexico, and Spain. Daniel is an active contributor to the Docebo Community. He has remained within the top ten of the community leaderboards for over a year and enjoys the exchange with other system administrators and leads. Other than networking with others in the learning and development industry, he feels that the greatest takeaway from the community comes by assisting someone new. Every time he helps someone else, he learns something new about the platform himself. Daniel hails from the East Coast and lives in central New Jersey with his wife, daughter and slew of pets.

Pierre-François Legrain | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Pierre-François joined Docebo in 2021 as Customer Solutions Consultant in the Paris office. He has an extensive knowledge around training and certifications, as a former Training Strategy Consultant for PwC and Account Manager for a Saas Edtech company. He has helped over 30 clients to successfully deploy their training strategy.


Rob Maurice| Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Hi! I’m Rob and I’m a Customer Solutions Consultant at Docebo. I’ve been with the company for 1 1/2 years. It’s my job to work with the Account Management team to ensure our Enterprise customers get maximum value from our suite of products. My whole career has been in Learning and Development, including over 20 years as a trainer and LMS admin for Boston Market. I have found that my experience at Boston Market has been invaluable in helping customers find the best solutions for their business needs.

Sukaran Mehta | Docebo

Chief Financial Officer 


Jonty Misra | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

Jonty a Customer Solutions Consultant with more than a decade of experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining Docebo, Jonty spent a number of years at the largest technology company in the world working on enterprise-level implementation projects. Jonty works closely with Docebo’s enterprise Account Management team to help maximize customers’ investment in the Docebo platform. As a lifelong learner, Jonty is passionate about finding creative and novel ways to help problem solve and address customers’ needs so they can successfully achieve their vision and purpose. 

Patrick Morales | Docebo

Docebo University Administrator

Patrick Morales is a musician and filmmaker located in Athens, Ga and the current Admin of Docebo University. In conjunction with Docebo’s award winning customer education team he works to provide world class training to clients who are looking to gain enablement from the Docebo suite of products. He has worn a laundry list of hats in his professional career ranging from touring musician, electrician, installation artist, and even a brief spat as an Alaskan fisherman. The unifying threads of these experiences are his curiosity, desire to learn, and a dedication to helping those around him.

Megan Mudd| Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant

As a Customer Solutions Consultant, Megan works closely with the Account Management team at Docebo to understand client and prospect needs to find long-term solutions that address business and organizational objectives. Megan takes a solutions-based discovery approach to uncover strategic objectives and measurable goals in order to offer proactive solutions through our technology suite. She is a product expert who enjoys delivering demos and recommending solutions to those looking for ways to improve processes in current or new use cases. She believes in the importance of always learning to continue growing both professionally and personally. She brings 11 years of experience in technology and the SaaS space.

Samantha Murray | Docebo

Solutions Marketing Manager

As a Solutions Marketing Manager at Docebo, Samantha is responsible for messaging and go-to-market strategies for all things related to Extended Enterprise and external education. Prior to joining Docebo, Sam led Global Customer Education at Shopify, and has an extensive background in marketing and customer success. She is passionate about helping organizations create exceptional learning experiences along the entire customer journey and she geeks out about all things AI and personalization. Outside of work, Sam is a yoga teacher and runs a coaching and consulting business.

Emily Palmquist | Docebo

Customer Solutions Consultant 

As a Customer Solutions Consultant at Docebo, Emily is a functional expert of the Docebo Suite, assisting Account Managers and Clients in achieving their strategic vision of their specific programs. Emily has a background in HR and Learning and Development and more than 7 years of experience in the software industry.

Scott Peacock| Docebo

Manager of Solutions Engineering

Scott is a Manager of Solutions Engineering at Docebo, consulting with enterprise-level North American organizations during their evaluation of our products and services. He’s been with Docebo for just shy of 4 years in various roles, and personally consulted with ~290 Docebo customer organizations over that time. Software developer by trade and a general tinkerer by nature, he’s tested the Docebo environment enough to have actually dreamed about configuring Learn LMS. Prior to Docebo, Scott was a technical consultant for organizations seeking to transform their tech ecosystems and upgrade legacy systems to the cloud.

Fabio Pirovano | Docebo

Chief Product Officer

Fabio Pirovano has over 15 years of experience in e-learning software development. Fabio has been with Docebo, in various roles, since 2005. He has been the Company’s Chief Technology Officer since 2012 and assumed the role of Chief Product Officer in 2022. Prior to this role, he worked with Mr. Erba to develop Docebo’s e-learning platform before being promoted to Team Leader of the Docebo LMS team. Fabio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy and an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy.

Alan Stewart | Docebo

Technical Account Manager 

After realizing that he would never become a professional inline skater (he spends most weekends at the orthopedic clinic), Alan returned to school to hone his IT skills. He spent a handful of years working as a school district IT technician, eventually growing tired of teaching grade schoolers HTML, Java, and how to take care of their computer. He’s now a Technical Account Manager at Docebo, where he exhibits patience and creativity in interacting with clients to help them accomplish solutions with their LMS. In his spare time, he grows his beard, snuggles his dog, skates, and tells his wife that she’s right.

Aaron Stoquert | OpenTable

Training Manager

Aaron Stoquert leads the Instructional Designers as a Training Manager at OpenTable on the Enablement & Engagement team. He has a background in special education and behavior analysis. Back in 2016 Aaron started OpenTable’s YouTube training channel as a way to centralize quick videos for busy restaurants. Since then he’s applied what he’s learned from that project to the administration of Docebo for internal and external OpenTable learners: Namely, how to design pages with purpose. Aaron has been with OpenTable since 2014.

Andrea Tucker | Docebo

Enablement Lead

Andrea is an Education Researcher with a PhD in Educational Sciences from the Université de Lille. She has a special interest in educational technologies and competency building in collaborative and social learning environments. She has over 10 years of experience in higher education and corporate L&D with NC State University, the University of Technology of Compiegne, Ubisoft, Danone, and EdCast. She currently serves as a Sales Enablement Strategist at Docebo where she assists revenue generating teams in understanding the in’s and out’s of the corporate learning environment. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and piggy back rides. Bonus points if they’re all happening at the same time. She also enjoys video games and is trying very hard to enjoy running. It’s a learning process.

Ryan Woods| Docebo

Course Developer

I’m a writer and educator based in Athens, GA. I grew up in Central Ohio and lived in the Boston area for five years before relocating to the South to pursue a doctorate in religion at Emory University. I’ve taught high school students at Atlanta Public Schools and undergraduates at Georgia State University, directed marketing for a local firm, and served as an associate director at a large professional association—all of which, in various ways, prepared me to develop customer education courses and learning initiatives here at Docebo. Outside of work, I love reading, writing, cooking, boxing, cycling, and spending time with my family.